Syban India Participated In Nasscom HR Summit 2016

In this era when humans can impact the world through social media, machines can learn from past experiences, and analytics can predict the future, there is bound to be a major shift in our workplaces and workforce dynamics. Impermanence is permanent now.

The future, therefore looks far more technologically powered, segregated yet inter-connected, change-ready and digitally literate.

In another few years, an entire spectrum of new jobs is expected to be created, which may be beyond our imagination today. On the other hand, automation may lead to decline of certain job functions. Both these scenarios will arise from the needs we discover, as the global economy provides us with opportunities, India’s demographic resources offers the means and technology provides us with the platform to fulfill those needs.

Demographic upheavals within the organization have led to workforce diversity and changing priorities. Gig economy is creating new avenues for individuals. Shorter business cycles, product disruptions and the now commonly used term, VUCA, makes one think we are going through Organizational Darwinism.