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Software Development Engineer – Network Intelligence Apply For Job

Software Development Engineer – Network Intelligence
Amazon’s global fulfillment network enables any merchant in any of the geography ship items that you order on Amazon, to any place on earth. There are a variety of ways in which we can acquire items from vendors to our warehouses, ship items from one location to another, and several intermediate locations through which the package travels before reaching the customer. There are millions of such packages, each with different attributes, and different delivery requirements. What results is a highly dense graph of source, intermediate and destination nodes, with arcs between them representing possible paths for packages, with different costs and times along each arc. Accounting for all these constraints, maximizing the number of shipments shipped, while minimizing cost and providing the best customer experience is Transportation Engineering’s primary focus.

Transportation Network Intelligence: We are building monitoring, analytics and intelligence on top of raw data from the transportation network to predict expected transit times in the network, identify packages that are not progressing as per plan and predict which packages are going to miss their deadline using Machine Learning and Statistical techniques.
We are looking for software engineers for the Network Intelligence team with 4+ years of solid Software engineering experience involving solving complex problems. They will get to work on a completely new solution, and hence will need to be able to make progress against ambiguous requirements with self-initiative, and customer focus. These engineers will provide the technical leadership to the team, drive best practices, mentor other engineers and drive continuous improvements in engineering excellence.

Basic Qualifications
Candidates for this role must have:
• 4 to 6 years’ experience building successful production software systems
• A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals (based on a BS or MS in CS or related field)
• Experience developing software services and an understanding of design for scalability, performance and reliability.
• Mastery of the tools of the trade, including a variety of modern programming languages (Java, JavaScript, C++,Python) and open-source technologies such as (Linux, Spring, Hibernate) or their equivalents.
• Proven ability to work in a fast paced, agile and in an ownership and results oriented culture.
Preferred Qualifications
• Any experience in building supply chain, logistics software, machine learning
• Development in cloud environment.
• Experience in building creative solutions for data visualization and control center experience
Work Location – Hyderabad (can look for candidates across India)

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